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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Democrats blame themselves for losses

Democratic presidential candidates faulted their own party as well as assailing Republicans as they pitched their candidacies to the staunchest of Democrats on Friday.

Bill Richardson, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Dennis Kucinich addressed officials who make up the Democratic National Committee, their last opportunity to speak to such a gathering before the first presidential voting begins in January. Hillary Rodham Clinton was scheduled to speak, too, but canceled after a man took hostages at her office in Rochester, N.H.


Obama, Huckabee now lead in Iowa

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mike Huckabee have taken the lead in pre-caucus polls in Iowa, shaking up an already-uncertain primary season that starts next month.

Both candidates surged ahead in the Des Moines Register polls that tracks the crucial Iowa caucus that often sets the pace for the Presidential race.

The new polls suggest problems for Iowa front-runners Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. Four years ago, Democrat Howard Dean was considered the pre-emptive front runner but his campaign melted down after he lost to John Kerry, who went on to capture the Presidential nomination.

But the race remains wide open in both parties with large blocks of caucus voters telling pollsters they are undecided and could change their minds before the caucus day.