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Saturday, April 1, 2023

The impact of YouPolitics

It started with a singer lampooning all the candidates, eliciting some winces. There was an animated cartoon that looked like Dick Cheney. A gay ex-general bared his soul. There were people with props and questioners with passion. There was humor, drama and poignancy. It was great!

For two hours this past Wednesday CNN and YouTube joined forces to bring the eight Republican white men in suits vying to be president together for a debate that was actually worth watching!

The fireworks! The digs! The mocking aspersions flying around the auditorium!

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Bush and the ‘bully pulpit’

If nothing else comes of it, the Annapolis initiative for Middle East peace has dramatically demonstrated that even a politically wounded president of the United States still has huge influence in world affairs.

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Gimmie my money!

President George W. Bush wants his billions to continue to fund his illegal and immoral war in Iraq and he wants the money before Christmas.

Congressional leaders say they plan to wait until after the holiday recess to give the President any money for Iraq and they promise whatever he gets will be less than he wants.

Another standoff on Iraq. So far, Bush has won every one with the Democratically-controlled Congress.

Will he win this one? We have a month left to find out.

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Don’t ask, just tell

It is time for the military to can the ridiculous rule that says gay men and women in service have to avoid admitting their sexual orientation.

That’s the opinion of 28 retired generals and admirals who are urging Congress to repeal the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” law that says gays can stay in uniform as long as they don’t talk about it.

Time to put this piece of discrimination out to pasture.

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Another slap in the face

The U.S. has shown its dark side in the deplorable way we have treated the thousands of Iraqis who put their lives and the lives of their families at risk by supporting our efforts in their country.

Now comes a new twist on the “abandon our friends” strategy of the Bush Administration.

While American contractors get rich off fatcat contracts in Iraq, Iraqi contractors find themselves locked out of contracts, not only at home but here in the U.S.

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War? What war?

Look at the subject Republican candidates for President want to avoid most and you will find the Iraq war at the top of the list.

No wonder, given the fact that only long-shot candidate Ron Paul is openly opposed the President George W. Bush’s illegal and immoral war.

The others support the war that has cost nearly 4,000 American lives and since most Americans do not support it it should not be surprise that few, if any, of the GOP Presidential wannabes want to discuss the war.

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And your point is?

Is there so little substance to the campaign for President that it is news when a Democrat asks a question in a Republican debate?

That would seem to be the case as CNN finds itself in political hot water because an (gasp!) adviser to Hillary Clinton asked a question during Wednesday’s GOP confab.

Plus two other questioners have declared their support for Democratic candidates.

Sure beats having Republicans plant questions from their supporters.

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When the going gets tough, the weak go negative

The Presidential race on both sides of the political fence has turned nasty, which is what happens when those trailing the front runners get desperate and start working on ways to gain ground.

Call it what it is…a war of words designed to hurt the other candidate.

Everybody says they hate negative campaigning.

But the truth is, it works and as long as it works it will be part of the American political scene.

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