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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Yeah, right

American troops Thursday received an “official” Presidential “thank you” for President George W. Bush, the one whose illegal and immoral war in Iraq has, to date, cost 3,875 soldiers their lives in that civil-war torn country.

If Bush really wanted to say “thank you,” he should bring them home before anyone else is killed.

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Ex-General: ‘Bring the troops home’

A former top US commander in Iraq has thrown his support behind a war funding bill proposed by Democrats that calls for withdrawing most combat troops by the end of next year.

Retired Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez says in remarks to be aired Saturday in the Democrats’ weekly radio address that Iraqi leaders are not making the tough decisions needed to bring peace to their country.

“The keys to securing the future of Iraq are aggressive regional diplomacy, political reconciliation and economic hope,” Sanchez, who led US forces in Iraq between 2003-2004, says in excerpts of his remarks.

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In politics, the muck starts here

Smears and slurs are flying in the 2008 White House race, and with polls narrowing and first nominating contests just six weeks away, experts predict the rough stuff has only just begun.

Candidates are upbraiding party rivals, savaging foes in the opposite party, and reports are emerging of malevolent telephone-borne personal attacks on several candidates in the key leadoff state of Iowa.

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, fresh from a brace of debate showdowns, are increasingly turning their guns on one another.

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Hurry up and wait for citizenship

A wave of citizenship applications has overwhelmed US officials, leading to waits of more than a year, potentially keeping immigrants out of the voting booth for the 2008 presidential election.

The US agency that examines applications said Wednesday that it had received 1.4 million appeals for citizenship, almost double the number over the year before, and despite hiring some 1,500 employees to deal with the backlog, would-be citizens face long delays.

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Few friends for troubled lawmaker

Rep. John Doolittle is garnering tepid public support from his California GOP colleagues in the latest sign of his slumping political fortunes as he aims for re-election while under criminal investigation.

Doolittle, a nine-term conservative who represents a heavily Republican district in northernmost California, is under scrutiny along with his wife, Julie, for their ties to jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The ethics cloud nearly cost him re-election last year and since then his legal problems have worsened with grand jury subpoenas issued to him and aides and an FBI raid on his home.

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Royalties trump loyalties

White House press secretaries, who speak for the president and appear before the nation on his behalf, have traditionally kept their secrets while their bosses are in office.

That unwritten rule has faded in the face of big advances for political tell-all books.

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