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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Just partisan political pukes

From time to time, some partisan political puke will email or confront me in a coffee shop to try and convince me that America will be so much better off with their party in power.

Currently, it’s the Democrats who shout from the rooftops that the only thing America needs to cure its ills is to put someone from the party of the jackass back into the White House.

Yeah, right: And there will be pork in the tree tops by morning.

This is what makes the American political system such a laughing stock. When partisanship trumps practical thinking, reason takes a holiday and America loses.

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Guess that’s why they call it FUBAR

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the Democratic Presidential hopeful who sees flying saucers, says an Army training school blamed for human rights abuses in Latin America is something we should expect from an administration that gave us Iraq and is now planning to do the same in Iran.

Kucinich, who was known as “Dennis the Menace” while serving as mayor of Cleveland (where voters tried to recall him) is a shoot-from-the-lip kind of politician.

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Well, doh!

In today’s “tell us something we don’t know department,” a Democratic Senator says Americans can’t save Iraq.

And your point is?

Call it stating the obvious. Call it preaching to the choir (the choir, of course, being the American people who want our troops out of Iraq event if their leaders won’t listen). Call more redundancy from the department of redundancy department.

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Another day, another corrupt Congressman

More troubles for the prince of corruption: Scandal-scarred Democratic Congressman William J. Jefferson of Louisiana.

Jefferson, already charged from an FBI raid where agents found piles of cash in his freezer, faces charges of soliciting bribes in two new schemes that has nothing to do with his original charges.

Nothing except a continued pattern of bribery and and corruption by a crooked politician who pattern of thievery is extreme even by Louisiana standards.

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If at first you don’t succeed, fail again

Democrats have an unbroken record of failure when it comes to carrying out the voters will to get America out of President George W. Bush’s failed Iraq war.

But they say they won’t stop trying even though it means continuing their perfect record of failure.

Democrats think doing so will translate into more support at the polls in 2008 even though recent public opinion polls show Congress held in as much contempt at the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Rudy goes after NASCAR dads

In this anything-for-a-vote Presidential race, it is not surprising to see presumed Presidential front runner Rudy Guiliani trekking down to Florida for the season finale of NASCAR’s Nextel Cup Series.

Rudy claims he really is a NASCAR fan, the same claim George W. Bush made when he showed up for part of the Daytona 500 in 2004 — his first and last appearance at the popular sport.

Like we said, anything for a vote.

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While politicians lie, more Iraqis die

A familiar pattern: The Bush Administration claims progress in Iraq so militants there step up the carnage to prove that they, not American troops, control the country.

While administration spokesmen claimed a drop in the level of violence in that civil war-torn country, bombs killed 20 over the weekend.

And, amid all the bloodshed, White House propagandists continued to spread the lie that things are improving in Iraq.

Business as usual: Politicians lie while Iraqis and Americans die.

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Warning signs for Rudy

Rudolph Giuliani should look over his shoulder.

He might be leading the Republican presidential contest nationally, but in Iowa he’s only in third place — trailing two former governors, Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Mike Huckabee of Arkansas — in the latest New York Times/CBS poll.

But that’s not why the former New York City mayor should look over his shoulder. Here’s why.

On Wednesday, he went out of his way to get to the B&L Vintage Brew & Sugar Shack in Rock Rapids. There, he went out of his way to get to the middle of the crowd so he could tell folks what he knows.

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The poor struggling billionaire

When the agriculture lobby tries to justify its hugely expensive and inefficient system of taxpayer-paid subsidies and price supports, it invokes the “small family farm,” conjuring up Grant Wood’s famed “American Gothic” painting of a farm couple.

Actually, over half the money goes to less than 10 percent of the farms, generally huge corporate operations, but there are some small family farms in there somewhere as well as some other, more surprising beneficiaries — billionaires.

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Senators benefit from farm subsidies

For some lawmakers, the current U.S. Senate debate on farm subsidies strikes close to home.

At least six senators have received government agriculture handouts in recent years.

Although some pocket a relative pittance, the total amount of taxpayer money that these legislators have received over the past decade is more than $700,000. Add in close family members and the amount more than doubles.

As the proposed farm bill stands now, these senators would likely still be eligible for their benefit checks.

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