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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Say what? Bush invokes memory of Hitler?

More than one critic of President George W. Bush’s corrupt and dictatorial administration has compared his mad antics to Adolph Hitler.

Now the man who would be Hitler is claiming the Democrats are like those who ignored Hitler’s rise to power in the last century.

Bush should remember the old adage about being careful what you wish for.

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Hillary denies by uttering more lies

Hillary Clinton, in an appropriately self-righteous denial, claims he is not delaying release of her husband’s Presidential papers.

She’s lying of course. It’s easy to tell.

Her lips moved.

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How to score big-time federal money

Concurrent Technologies of Johnston, PA, should serve as a college course on how to secure government earmarks and contracts without playing by the rules.

Call it playing the system 101…or ripping off the taxpayers 201 or just getting rich at everyone else’s expense.

Class dismissed.

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Even the librarians are worried

You know you are in trouble when even the librarians say domestic surveillance is getting out of hand.

But public librarians say a new bill before Congress would allow Uncle Sam to snoop into the reading habits of Americans without proper court oversight.

The Bush Administration spying on Americans without oversight? This is news? It might be news if Bush actually asked for permission to spy on Americans.

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A clear case of U.S. impotence

It’s August 2009, oil prices have topped 150 dollars a barrel and a secret uranium plant has been detected in Iran.

Tehran and Caracas are slashing oil exports by 700,000 barrels to punish the West for sanctions, and the US military is ready to move its entire Pacific fleet into the Middle East to counter threats.

It may be tomorrow’s headlines, but on Thursday a high-powered panel of Washington insiders acting as the US president’s national security council found they would face almost impossible choices and be powerless in such a case, baring the United States’ growing inability to lead in global crises.

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When in doubt, Bash Congress

President Bush’s agenda these days is not subtle: Blast Democratic lawmakers for ineptitude. Then find a way to do it again.

Even with the factors working against him — record-low approval ratings, fading public attention and dwindling time in office — Bush still talks like a leader whose hand has never been stronger. Backed by a veto power that’s hard to override, Bush has taken to blistering Congress in a remarkably relentless fashion.

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Hillary gets what she deserves

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is looking for sympathy, support and political cover as her rivals show the temerity to run aggressively against the Democratic presidential front-runner. But don’t feel sorry for her — Clinton is no stranger to “piling on.”

In fact, she’s an expert at it.

Ask anybody who stood on the marble floor of the state Capitol rotunda in 1990 and heard the click, clack, click of her low-heeled shoes approach the news conference of Tom McRae, a mild-mannered public servant who had the nerve to challenge then-Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas for re-election.

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More ethical problems for Hillary

On the wall of Hsiao Yen Wang’s apartment, a cramped, 17th-floor public housing unit on the city’s Lower East Side, are photographs of her husband, David Guo, a cook who specializes in Fujian cuisine.

One photo stands out: Guo shaking Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s hand, a memento from a $1,000-a-person fundraiser for the New York senator held in New York’s Chinatown last April.

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Shock jock Imus back on radio

A little more than six months ago, Don Imus’ career seemed doomed. The shock jock had been fired over a racist and sexist remark that ignited an uproar over the limits of taste and tolerance.

But the cantankerous Imus has clambered back from the professional brink before, and the Rasputin of radio is poised to do it again.

Citadel Broadcasting Corp. announced Thursday that Imus would return to radio Dec. 3., confirming long-rumored reports that he was coming back to morning drive time on WABC-AM, based in New York — the same city where he was banished from the airwaves last spring.

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