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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Another name for mercenary is ‘murderer’

Erik Prince, owner of the “shoot first and make excuses later” group of mercenaries called Blackwater Worldwide (formerly known as Blackwater USA) claims calling his collection of hired killers “mercenaries” is a “slanderous term.”

I don’t know if it is possible to slander a slimeball like Erik Prince. A soldier of fortune who built his empire with his daddy’s money, Prince is just another killer for hire.

He’s also dumb as a stump when it comes to American history.

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Waterboarding? What’s that?

Attorney General wannabe Michael Mukasey told the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday that his is “not sure” if waterboarding torture is legal or not.

Not sure? And this guy wants to be the top law enforcement official in the land?

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Ralph Nader strikes again

Ralph Nader is suing the Democratic party, claiming a conspiracy to keep him from taking votes from John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election.

Let’s see. Democrats claim Republicans conspired to steal votes from Kerry in Ohio. Now Nader says Democrats conspired to prevent him from taking votes from Kerry.

Call Oliver Stone. This many conspiracies merits a film.

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Apology for getting caught

John Tanner, the shoot-from-the-lip chief of the Justice Department’s voting rights section, apologized Tuesday for saying minority voters “die first.”

Tanner admits his comments were “hurtful” and clumsy.”

He forgot to add “stupid.”

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Firestorm over immunity deal

The US State Department faced tough questions Tuesday over reports that it offered immunity to Blackwater security firm employees in the wake of a Baghdad shooting that left 17 civilians dead.

Top Democratic lawmakers sent letters to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice demanding answers over reports that Blackwater, which protects US diplomats in Baghdad, had been offered protection from prosecution when the State Department investigated the September 16 shooting.

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The ‘Nail Hillary’ debate

Democrats Barack Obama and John Edwards sharply challenged Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candor, consistency and judgment Tuesday in a televised debate that underscored her front-runner status two months before the first presidential primary votes.

Obama, the Illinois senator, began immediately, saying Clinton has changed her positions on the North American Free Trade Agreement, torture policies and the Iraq war. Leadership, he said, does not mean “changing positions whenever it’s politically convenient.”

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Rudy never met a war he didn’t like

In some circles, it’s pretty much taken for granted that the war in Iraq is an unmitigated disaster with no possible gain for all the pain, and that you can make this observation over and over with no one objecting. Only someone is. Rudolph Giuliani.

“Do I think the mission overall in Iraq is the correct one?” he asked the other day, following up with a quick answer. “I think without a doubt it is.”

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Help wanted: Must be willing to die

White House assurances that Iraq in general and Baghdad in particular have become safer thanks to President Bush’s “surge” strategy are apparently not resonating at certain levels of the U.S. State Department.

The department has been unable to attract enough volunteers from among its diplomatic corps to fully staff the huge Baghdad embassy, the United States’ largest, so it is resorting to its first mandatory call-up of Foreign Service officers since the Vietnam War.

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