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Sunday, July 21, 2024

The GOP’s pissed-off right wing

At a recent regular function where an eclectic group of doctors, lawyers and former and current chiefs meets periodically over dinner to discuss issues of the day, I asked one of the early icons of conservatism whom he liked for the Republican presidential nomination.

How about Fred (former Sen. Thompson)?” I said, nudging a prominent moderate standing next to me. “It looks to me like he fits your profile about as well as anyone.”

“Lord, no!” he exclaimed. “He’s a Washington insider and I don’t trust him any more than I would any K Street manipulator.”

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Money? We don’t need no stinkin’ money!

The top official for consumer product safety says his agency doesn’t need additional funds to strengthen the agency.

On the surface, it looks like a bureaucrat is rejecting a chance to milk taxpayers.

Or it could be an attempt to weaken the agency’s role in protecting consumers.

Funny how those things work.

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Lies, damn lies and Rudy Giuliani

In today’s “let’s catch a politician in a lie” sweepstakes we find Republican Presidential wannabe Rudy Giuliani.

Seems that Rudy promised some 10 months ago to quit his day job at a security consulting firm that was cashing in on the mayor’s popularity from the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But Rudy is still working part time at the firm.

Another day, another politician, another lie.

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Pentagon lies to support funding

The Pentagon has inflated data about the danger of sniper attacks in Iraq to support requests for more than $1 billion in emergency funding.

The “misstated” data was part of a request sent to Congress.

Let’s see. Pentagon. Lies. Inflated funding requests. Kinda redundant.

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And you thought it was safe to go back into the woods

Hide! Stay out of sight! For God’s sake, stay out of the woods.

Dick Cheney is hunting again.

Seems the Vice President went on a hunting trip in LaGrangeville, New York, Monday at an exclusive club where members and guests shoot ducks and pheasants.

No word yet on whether or not Cheney bagged any ducks, pheasants…or lawyers.

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Hillary gets heat on the web

The mainstream media may have anointed Hillary Rodham Clinton as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and a shoo-in to the White House but the former first lady and current Senator is getting heat on the World Wide Web.

A biting, 13-minute video by a longtime Clinton foe is finding a wide audience on the Internet and exposes chinks in the facade that Hillary is unbeatable.

Some say it is just the beginning.

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A free agent named Clinton

Bill Clinton’s transition from President to former President to supporting player in his wife’s campaign is just another chapter in the strange political union called the marriage of Bill and Hillary.

Yet he remains a free agent in his wife’s campaign, a campaign operative who operates at his own level and plays by his own rules.

Some things never change.

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When all else fails, try compromise

Democrats took over Congress after the 2006 midterm elections confident they could bring an end to the Iraq war and make other changes.

They failed.

With public approval ratings for Congress plummeting, the Democratic leadership is now looking for ways to cut deals with Republicans to try and advance their stalled legislative agenda.

Call it compromise. Call it political reality. Call it a desire to prevail at the polls next year.

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Blackwater mercenaries get immunity

A controversial immunity deal for Blackwater mercenaries involved in the murder of Iraqi civilians threatens a criminal investigation into the killings and has further angered the Iraqi government.

The immunity deal promised by the State Department is viewed by some as a cover up of Blackwater’s many illegal activities in the Iraq war and a blatant attempt by the Bush administration to whitewash the actions by a company whose owner is a major supporter of Republican political activities.

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