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Monday, June 17, 2024

Most Americans think Congress sucks

A new poll says 75 percent of Americans think Congress is doing a lousy job.

Three-quarters of Americans out there think our elected officials are screwing the pooch?

We needed a poll to tell us that?

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Now this sounds familiar

An inspector for the United Nations says he cannot find any evidence that Iran is working to build nuclear weapons.

The United States, of course, says the inspector is all wet and our intelligence says the country is doing just what we say it is just as we’re trying to make a case to justify an invasion.

Sound familiar?

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Fred worried about the long term in Iraq

Republican presidential wannabe Fred Thompson says he is worried about a long-term American presence in Iraq.

So are most of the American people, according to polls.

And so are just about everyone out there except for President George W. Bush and the dwindling few who still think he has a grip on reality.

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Chertoff spins a new one

Homeland Security boss Michael Chertoff is trying to convince the rest of the world that he knew nothing about the phony press conference staged last week by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Yeah, right. Chertoff is known as a micro manager who insists that everything go through him. Does he expect anyone to believe that FEMA staged a phony press conference without clearing it with him?

Not bloody likely.

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Getting in touch with their feminist side

As the saying used to go: “You’ve come a long way baby!”

Of course, feminists would be the first to tell you that the old saying is, in itself, sexist and not in keeping with the strides made by feminists over the years.

And so it goes.

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Political judges? Oh come now!

Races for judicial positions, the Washington Post reports, are dominated by politics.

Judges? Political? Stop the presses.

Must have been a slow news day for the Post.

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Old time religion means old-time problems

Democratic presidential wannabe Barack Obama wanted to kick off his campaign in South Carolina but a decision to do so with a series of gospel concerts kicked off a firestorm of protests.

Maybe Democrats should leave the bible-thumping to the Republicans.

Obama's gospel concerts raise controversy – Democratic Sen. Barack Obama kicked off a series of local outreach gospel concerts Friday in Charleston, South Carolina, that unexpectedly came back to bite his campaign.

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Webb as a VP choice?

Freshman Democratic Senator James Webb is the latest tout as a possible Vice Presidential running mate for whomever wins the party’s nomination for the top job.

Yep. Definitely a slow news day for the Washington Post.

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Just in time for Halloween

Republican presidential wannabe Mitt Romney is critical of what he calls Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton’s “House of Horrors.”

Let’s see if we have this straight. A Republican, running from the party that gave us George W. Bush, thinks someone else is a house of horrors?

Must be Halloween.

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