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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Bush issues new WMD claim

Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network remains bent on getting nuclear and biological weapons to unleash apocalyptic destruction, a new White House report on national security warned Tuesday.

The report, which called for redoubled anti-terror coordination at all levels of government, said Al-Qaeda remains “the most serious and dangerous manifestation” of extremist threats against the United States.

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Rudy and Mitt spit and spat

Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani quarreled over tax and spending cuts Tuesday, each claiming greater commitment than the other in a debate in the nation’s struggling manufacturing heartland.

The government “is spending money of future generations and those yet to be born,” added Fred Thompson, making his debut on a debate stage after a late entry into the race. He said future retirees should receive smaller Social Security benefits than they have been promised.

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Bartlett on Fred: ‘He’s a dud’

Dan Bartlett used to speak for President Bush, one of his most trusted and ubiquitous aides for 14 years.

Now, Bartlett is speaking for himself, and handicapping the Republican presidential field with uncommon candor and surprising conclusions.

His vote for all-around “best candidate?” Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor considered a long-shot to break into the top tier in the crowded race.

“Biggest dud?” Fred Thompson, the actor-politician who raised hopes he could be the GOP’s next Ronald Reagan until his campaign began stumbling.

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Thompson sticks to dull script

Fred Thompson remembered his lines in his first stage performance.

The newcomer to the Republican presidential field neither stood out nor bombed Tuesday in his inaugural debate of the 2008 White House race. He largely held his own but hardly came off as the Ronald Reagan-like savior of the GOP that backers have long built him up to be.

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Dems back down on troop withdrawl

Congressional Democrats have put on the back burner legislation ordering troops home from Iraq and turned their attention to war-related proposals that Republicans are finding hard to reject.

The legislative agenda marks a dramatic shift for party leaders who vowed repeated votes to end combat and predicted Republicans would eventually join them. But with Democrats still lacking enough votes to bring troops home, the party runs the risk of concluding its first year in control of Congress with little to show for its tough anti-war rhetoric.

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Truth is no longer an option

I was at an academic conference recently, dedicated to the proposition that black is white. I had been invited to present the alternative viewpoint that black is really black, or at least dark gray and I did so. This made people uncomfortable, and some heated discussion ensued.

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A liberal by any other name

Happily, fiercely emboldened by an unpopular Republican president, liberals have been trying to cover up past political sins by renaming themselves “progressives” even as they resume their bad, old ways with more loud-voiced arrogance than ever.

Those ways include program proposals filled more with good intentions than good sense if they are in fact something other than outright hoaxes, along with debate tactics that merrily skip over any discussion of an issue’s merits. There’s something else, you see, that better fits their analytical inadequacies: ad hominem attack.

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