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Sunday, July 21, 2024

They say it’s our birthday!

Thirteen years ago, I woke up early, made coffee, and wandered into the den of our Arlington, Virginia, home to check my email. I had just returned from an overseas assignment and had a few days off.

The morning email brought a notice from PSI, my Internet service provider, offering 5 megabytes of free space for a web site. I had time to kill so I used the ISP’s form-based page builder to create a one page political newsletter and wrote a 500-word piece about the upcoming elections.

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Obama: Hillary is more of the same

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Sunday that the front-runner for his party’s nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton, does not offer the break from politics as usual that voters need.

Both Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., and her husband, former President Clinton, have criticized Obama for his lack of political experience.

Obama said he understands their argument.

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Fundraising oneupmanship begins

Presidential campaigns aggressively competed for dollars up to the last minute of the third quarter, eager to build their bank accounts for an expensive stretch of media advertising and voter outreach.

Candidates were poised to begin revealing their fundraising numbers Monday, leaving the details for later, when they must file financial reports with the Federal Election Commission. The first votes of the presidential contest are scheduled to be cast in January.

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Military deaths drop in Iraq war

Sixty-three U.S. military deaths were reported in September, the lowest monthly toll since July 2006, according to U.S. forces and a preliminary count by The Associated Press.

A U.S. soldier was killed Sunday in a small-arms attack during combat operations in eastern Baghdad, the military said Monday. The soldier, whose name was withheld pending notification of relatives, was assigned to the Multi-National Division-Baghdad. In July 2006, 43 American soldiers were killed, according to an AP count.

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Too much ‘You’ve got mail!’

Interest on Capitol Hill is growing to create a government-run “Do Not Mail” list to fight back against the mountains of junk mail clogging Americans’ mailboxes.

Across the country, at least 15 states are currently considering no-mail lists that are loosely based on the wildly popular Do Not Call list that gave us back our dinner hours free from telemarketers. Now some in Congress are mulling a federal junk-mail registry, as well.

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