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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

A question of control

Surprise, surprise. The White House will clamp a tight lid on Gen. David H. Patraeus when he reports on whether or not the surge worked in Iraq.

The Bush administration wants to limit what Patraeus to a “private briefing” on the Hill and then the White House will release the “official report” for public consumption.

Deja vu all over again?

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Turning to drugs

Drug use by teenagers continues to increase at America’s schools and the dream of “drug free” zones is turning into just that…a dream.

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U.S. Satellites will spy on Americans

The United States is expanding the use of spy satellites for domestic surveillance, turning its “eyes in sky” inward to counter terrorism and eventually for law enforcement, US officials said Wednesday.

Authorized by US intelligence chief Michael McConnell in May and managed by the Department of Homeland Security, the change will allow more federal and local agencies to tap into satellite imagery and related intelligence products, they said.

It also will expand the kind of intelligence that can be made available to include measurement and signature intelligence, which is used to identify and track targets by their particular physical characteristics, they said.

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Bush’s risky strategy on Iran

The Bush administration is taking a calculated risk with its plans to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps a global terrorist organization. Tehran is certain to see it as a direct challenge to the clerical regime since it’s the Guards who keep it in power and indeed produced Iran’s current president..

The administration hopes that upping the ante and a stronger U.N. resolution banning travel by Iran’s leaders and cutting off access to the international financial system will persuade the Iranians to give up their nuclear-weapons ambitions.

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The Patraeus effect

“The only thing this surge will accomplish is a surge of more death and destruction.” That was the prediction of blogger and anti-war activist Arianna Huffington last December — one month before the Senate unanimously confirmed Gen. David Petraeus as commander in Iraq.

“I believe … that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything.” That was the judgment of Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid in April — two months before the reinforcements that Petraeus needed to fully implement his new “surge” strategy had arrived in Iraq.

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Hating America

When you first hear that people in some parts of the world have a higher opinion of China than the United States, you think of the polls showing something like a third of all Democrats believe President Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks before they happened.

The polling in both cases, you figure, may have more to say about mental peculiarities than the state of reality, or maybe it simply reflects the fact that the technique of gathering opinions from masses of people is more sledgehammer than scalpel, a crude tool that lacks precision to the point of smashing qualifications and nuance.

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Responsible parenting

Conventional wisdom holds that Americans possess an innate right to bear children, no matter how ill-equipped would-be parents are to raise those children. No matter how immature, no matter how uneducated, no matter how impoverished, no matter how psychologically unbalanced and no matter the ultimate cost to society of one’s decision, the right to procreate is seen as inviolable.

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