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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Embolden this, Bush

According to Bush, if we leave Iraq we embolden extremist movements throughout the Middle East.

I heard him twang out these words the other day. I know what it means but I looked it up anyway: the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way. Give me an effing break! The terrorists need more confidence? (Afterword added 8/4/07: Why Bush is no FDR)

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Can Congress reform itself?

The House passes a bill to require members of Congress to disclose more about connections of those they help with pork barrel projects. They call it the “most significant reform” in years.

Now the bill goes to the Senate, where longtime GOP Senator Ted Stevens is under investigation for, among other things, using pork barrel to benefit cronies.

But wouldn’t it be better reform to just outlaw pork barrel?

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When it rains…

…it pours on corrupt politicians like Alaska Republican Sen. Ted Stevens. The Senator who has been living large while others paid the bills is getting his due as FBI and IRS agents close in.

Agents from both governmental agencies raided his palatial lodge in Alaska recently. Now the FBI is looking into Stevens’ many pork barrel projects for Alaska to see which ones were used to benefit cronies.

They’re finding a lot.

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Supporting one of their own

Presidential wannabe John Edwards is a trial attorney, a special breed of bottom feeder who gets rich off contingency fees by obtaining large jury awards against big corporations.

So it stands to reason that fellow bottom feeders would want him to be President and protect their ability to keep a Porsche in the garage.

Which explains why trial attorneys are the primary fatcats funding his Presidential campaign.

Sharks like to get together and feed on victims.

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The war at home

Suddenly, someone is starting to take a look at the effect war has on families who wait and pray their loved ones will return from the battlefield.

Turns out the homefront is a battlefield as well.

Just ask the children.

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How to whitewash an investigation

Now here’s an interesting approach to investigating.

The inspector general of the Interior Department was supposed to look into whether or not Vice President Dick Cheney interfered in the setting of environmental policy.

The report said they found no such interference.

Now we find out the investigators were looking for the interference.

That’s one way to control an investigation.

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Then let’s make use of the broom

Vice President Dick Cheney says the Congressional probe into the politically-motivated firings of U.S. attorneys is nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

If true, then let’s make use of situation and find all the witches’ brooms.

Then we can use them to sweep out the trash — starting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Nothing to laugh about

While it can be said that many candidates for public office are jokes, the situations we face in this nation are nothing to laugh about.

Yet candidates for President hit the late-night talk shows to try and bolster their campaigns and comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert become purveyors of political influence.

Go figure.

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Democrats face the debt problem

The Democrats knew when they took over Congress in January that sometime during the year they would have to raise the ceiling on the national debt. After all, raising the limit, which allows the Treasury to keep borrowing, was done four times in five years under President Bush and the Republicans.

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Bush lied about extent of domestic spying

President George W. Bush, in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, approved a vast domestic spying operation that went far beyond just using the National Security Agency to snoop into the private lives of Americans.

In an executive order signed by Bush in 2001, the efforts of all of America’s extensive intelligence communities were turned inwards, monitoring the day-to-day activities on U.S. citizens on a level that rival’s Russias famed KGB.

And, as with most activities of the Bush administration, most of the details of the domestic spying operation remain secret, hidden behind the cloak of “national security.” When Bush previously admitted the NSA’s role in domestic spying he was, as usual, telling only part of the real story.

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