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Friday, December 9, 2022

Arms sales

The numbers are almost beyond understanding. Shocking, scary, and symptomatic of everything wrong with this administration.

30 billion – Israel (including cluster bombs)
20 billion – the House of Saud
15 billion – Egypt

and many more billions for other nations in the region. That is the cost of MILITARY AID we are throwing into a regional war zone. To opposing parties. With differing interests.

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‘Sicko’ needs a fact physical

In his new movie “Sicko,” Michael Moore uses a clip of my appearance earlier this year on “The O’Reilly Factor” to introduce a segment on the glories of Canadian health care. Moore adores the Canadian system. I do not.

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Spying needs a human touch

The day of the spy-in-the-sky approach to intelligence gathering may be coming to an end, plagued by cost overruns and systems so complex they take too long to perfect and probably most importantly are increasingly less useful in the age of terrorism.

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Thompson raises $3 million in one month

Possible Presidential candidate Fred Thompson may not be an announced candidate but he has a knack for fundraising, pulling in $3 million in just the month of June.

Imagine what he might do if he actually announced?

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What happens if the news is good?

What happens to Democratic efforts to bring troops home from Iraq if the report next month from Gn. David Petraeus shows progress in the war?

That, says the House Majority Whip, could be a problem. A big one that could split Democrats in the House and stall efforts to end the war.

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FBI, IRS raid Senator’s home

Alaska GOP Sen. Ted Stevens, a king of pork barrel politics, is under investigation for taking bribes from an oil-services company.

FBI and IRS agents searched Stevens’ palatial vacation enclave home in Girdwood, Alaska, and seized an undisclosed records.

Agents want to know more about Stevens’ ties to VECO, an oil service company where two executives recently admitted paying $400,000 in bribes to Alaskan lawmakers.

Law enforcement sources say Stevens received bribes from the company.

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Alberto, pack your bags

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales may be headed out the door.

Vice President Dick Cheney Monday expressed support for the embattled AG and said he is doing a good job.

The last time Cheney said something like that about a Bush appointee was his praise for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Four days after he said it, Bush fired Rumsfeld.

Bye-bye Gonzo?

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Thanks for the mammaries

Soldiers may still be dying in Iraq and Congress may remain in gridlock but the talk of the town in Washington is still Hillary Clinton’s cleavage.

Clinton’s cleavage controversy continues unabated. Did she or didn’t she flash a little too much bosom in a July 18 campaign debate? Should anybody care? Is this really important?

Important enough to dominate talk shows and news coverage. Google News reports 186 stories about it over the weekend.

Some say how a potential President dresses is important. Others, however, say they don’t give a hoot about Hillary’s hooters.

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The USA Unpatriotic Act

I wish I could say an incident last week was the first time the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act has been used to prohibit me, as a working journalist, from doing my job.

Unfortunately, the Blue Ridge Parkway Ranger who threatened me with arrest if I photographed him subjecting attendees of FloydFest to unreasonable search and seizure is only the latest time the Act has been thrown in my face and used to cover up the acts of a government that’s out of control.

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