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Monday, March 20, 2023

McCain’s latest rescue attempt

When the going gets tough the weak head for New Hampshire.

So John McCain is in Manchester, hoping to somehow rescue his failing campaign.

The odds are long against the former front runner for the GOP Presidential nomination. If he fails in New Hampshire, it’s over.

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Trying to forget Bush

When Republicans get down on their knees to pray they ask God for a candidate who can shift public attention away from the many failures of President George W. Bush.

That may be asking too much, even from God.

Bush’s many flops, topped by the civil war in Iraq, is first and foremost on the minds of voters from both parties and it will take more than divine intervention to make them forget it.

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What was the question again?

Has public support increased for President George W. Bush’s controversial war in Iraq?

That depends. Both the New York Times and Newsweek found a slight “surge” in public support for the war in their most recent polls.

Is this a real change in public attitude or an anomaly? That depends on who you ask…and how you ask the question.

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Sex Suit Could Be Problem for Bloomberg

If New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg decides to run for President he may have a problem with sex.

We said “sex,” not “gender.” Rudy Giuliani has a problem with gender. He has been known to dress up as a woman.

Bloomberg, however, likes to sexually harass women, or at least he’s been charged with that.

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Another Bush administration cover up

In yet another case of political hijinks by the Bush administration, a connected-appointee blocked a 2006 surgeon general’s report that called on Americans to help fight global health problems.

Why? Because the report did not promote the administration’s political agenda. The decision was made by an appointee with no expertise in medicine or public health.

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