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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Gilmore drops long-shot Presidential bid

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore ended his long-shot campaign for presidency on Saturday.

The 57-year-old Republican said in a written statement that his late start, near the end of April, and the front-loaded primary schedule “have made it impractical to continue.”

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Bin Laden surfaces in Al Qaeda video

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden praises martyrdom as a weapon and a path to glory for Muslims in a video that CNN said on Saturday was intercepted before it was to appear on radical Islamist Web sites.

CNN, which noted it could not verify the authenticity of the 40-minute video and had translated it from Arabic into English, said on its Web site there was no indication of where or when the footage had been shot.

The news network said the video contained old clips but concluded it had been compiled in the last four weeks.

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The Sex game

It is becoming increasingly clear that all the preaching of “family values” that has provided the votes necessary to send this nation into a Constitutional crisis were just a cover up for the randy behavior of its proponents. Time after time those most vocal about the perils of “loose morals” were themselves diddling strangers and engaging in the very behaviors they were telling others were morally reprehensible. The next time you hear someone telling you how allowing gays to marry each other would threaten your marriage and the very foundations of America, you are probably going to ask yourself “I wonder what he is covering up?”

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Vitter’s words come back to haunt him

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter will probably emerge from seclusion soon and return to Washington to fight for his political career, a colleague of the first-term Republican said Friday.

When Vitter does, he is sure to be confronted with his past remarks about the sanctity of marriage, the importance of fidelity and the need for high ethical standards among office holders.

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Warner joins Lugar to oppose Bush’s war

Two top Republicans cast aside President Bush’s pleas for patience on Iraq Friday and proposed legislation demanding a new strategy by mid-October to restrict the mission of U.S. troops.

The proposal, by veteran GOP Sens. John Warner of Virginia and Richard Lugar of Indiana, came as the Pentagon conceded that a decreasing number of Iraqi battalions are able to operate on their own.

“American military and diplomatic strategy in Iraq must adjust to the reality that sectarian factionalism is not likely to abate anytime soon and probably cannot be controlled from the top,” the Warner-Lugar proposal states.

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