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Saturday, April 1, 2023

A Congress of co-conspirators

The stage is set for a showdown between President George W. Bush and Congress. In the end, we might see who has the biggest balls…or perhaps if anyone has any at all.

At issue is whether or not two former White House aides will be allowed to testify before Congress in the probe of the politically-motivated firings of U.S. attorneys. Bush, as expected, claimed executive privilege but said the aides could meet, behind closed doors, in “off the record” sessions on the Hill.

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Politicians won’t fix immigration

Here’s the real story about why we’re not going to solve the problem of illegal immigration in this country. The politicians who have the power to fix it don’t want a solution because they make points exploiting the issue.

There’s something for everyone to demagogue. Why would a class of people who make their livelihoods out of offering false claims about controversial problems want to give up an issue that’s so easy to manipulate?

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Bush’s missed opportunities

On July Fourth, President Bush predictably gave another spirited defense of staying the course in Iraq, and he asked every American to find a way to thank the men and women in the military and their families.

Send a care package, he said. Ask family members with a mom or dad on the front lines what they need, carpool, pray for soldiers and their families, click on

Wait a minute. Did he say “carpool”? Carpooling to thank and support the troops? That’s a surprise.

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Days of glory lead to a painful future

Austin, Texas, is a busy high-tech metropolis these days, but in 1977 it was still a fairly small town with a big university. It was a good year to go to graduate school. I spent most of my time reading, studying, writing and enjoying a lovely, relaxed city.

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Gonzales lied about Patriot Act abuse

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lied to Congress two years ago when he claimed he there were no documented FBI abuses under the controversial USA Patriot Act.

Gonzales told Congress in April 2005 that “there has not been one verified case of civil liberties abuse” under the rights-robbing act that was passed by a shell-shocked Congress after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In fact, reports The Washington Post, Gonzales received at least a half-dozen reports detailing violations three months before he lied to Congress. The Post, using the Freedom of Information Act, obtained internal FBI documents detailing the violations and reports to Gonzales.

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GOP Senator used prostitute service

Republican Senator David Vitter, a Lousiana politician who campaigned on a record of “family values” paid for prostitutes from the service of the infamous “DC Madam,” Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Vitter admitted Monday night that he has committed “a very serious sin in my past” after his telephone number appeared on Palfrey’s call list.

Vitter’s spokesman, Joel Digrado, confirmed the statement in an e-mail sent to The Associated Press.

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