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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Protecting America

It is often the case that those who claim to be protecting our nation are the very most dangerous threats to the people and the principles upon which this nation was founded. Among the greatest of those threats are fundamentalism and globalism.

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Is McCain out of his fucking mind? (Updated)

McCain supposedly has quite a temper. His shouting “fuck you” to fellow Republican Senator John Cornyn is troubling. Do we want his finger on the nuclear button?

Update: Blogging in Time Magazine, Ana Marie Cox reports McCain’s “my gun is bigger than yours” comment about Mitt Romney.

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The President’s ‘yes’ man

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says his long friendship with President Bush makes it easier to say "no" to him on sticky legal issues. His critics, however, say Gonzales is far more likely to say "yes" — leaving the Justice Department vulnerable to a politically determined White House.

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McCain’s meltdown

Arizona Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain, whose chances to ever live in the White House are melting down faster than the polar icecaps, lost his cool in the Senate chambers this week.

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