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Thursday, May 23, 2024

At least 35,000 more troops headed for Iraq

  Defense Secretary Robert Gates (AP)

The Pentagon has notified more than 35,000 Army soldiers to be prepared to deploy to Iraq beginning this fall, a move that would allow commanders to maintain the ongoing buildup of troops through the end of the year if needed.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said Tuesday the deployment orders, which have been signed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, do not mean that the military has made a decision to keep the increased level of 20 brigades in Iraq through December. A brigade is roughly 3,500 soldiers.

Instead, he said the decision gives the Pentagon the "capability" to carry the buildup to the end of the year. The replacement forces, Whitman said, would give commanders in Iraq the flexibility they need to complete the mission there.


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Military turns to YouTube to promote war


The US military is now posting video clips on YouTube showing US troops in combat and insurgents being bombed in a "boots on the ground" perspective of the Iraq war, officials said Monday.

Multi-National Forces Iraq created a "channel" on the popular video sharing website in March to show the clips, which often capture the intensity of combat while generally showing US troops in a positive light.

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World Bank panel finds Wolfowitz guilty of conflict of interest

  Paul Wolfowitz (AFP)

A top-level World Bank ethics panel has ruled bank president Paul Wolfowitz guilty of a conflict of interest for getting his girlfriend a substantial pay raise, the New York Times reported on its website late Monday.

The news came as the scandal entangling Wolfowitz claimed its first victim earlier in the day when one of his senior aides resigned.

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Another GOP leader says Bush’s time is running out

  On patrol in Iraq (AP)

The second-ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate said on Monday there must be "significant changes" in Iraq well before the end of the year, signaling President George W. Bush could face new challenges on war policy from members of his own party.

Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi, who holds the No. 2 leadership position in his party, made his comments a day after similar remarks by another powerful Republican lawmaker, House Leader John Boehner of Ohio.

"I do think this fall we’ve got to see some significant changes in the situation on the ground, in Baghdad and other surrounding areas … or else," Lott told reporters.

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Clinton, Obama fault Bush on Katrina response

  Barack Obama (AP)

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina and pledged Saturday to funnel more federal aid to the still-recovering Gulf Coast if elected.

Speaking to the National Conference of Black Mayors, Clinton and Sen. Sen. Barack Obama both took President Bush to task, although Obama focused mostly on the Iraq war and Clinton on domestic issues.

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Bush needed Tony Blair

An era is ending. President Bush is losing his last best friend in the international arena, the man who explained Bush's own motives and actions better than he has been able to do.

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