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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Randall Tobias: The moral masturbation man

Masturbation or massage? Potato or potata? There’s no reason to preach to the choir here on CHB about sexual hyocprisy, but I do have a few thoughts about former Ambassador Tobias, the latest Bushie to get caught with someone other than his wife’s hands in his pants.

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Nine more American soldiers dead in Iraq

As the standoff between President George W. Bush and Congress continues in Washington, violence in Iraq escalates as the death toll of American soldiers and civilains mounts.

Nine more Americans have died in Bush’s failed war.

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Iraq reconstrution: Another failure

A major component of the Bush administration’s Iraq war campaign — rebuilding the war-ravaged country — is failing because of unfinished projects, shoddy construction or failure of systems already installed.

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Candidates go into attack mode

Sen. Barack Obama (AP)

Democrats stepped up the campaign rhetoric Saturday, going on the attack against President George W. Bush and his failed Iraq war.

Republicans, in the meantime, attacked each other.

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