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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Divided House passes troop withdrawal bill

Sens. Carl Levin & Jack Reed after meeting with generals (AP)

A sharply divided House brushed aside a veto threat Wednesday and passed legislation that would order President Bush to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq by Oct. 1.

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Dems: ‘We have the votes on Iraq’

Gen. David Petraeus, second from right, the top U.S. commander in Iraq walks on Capitol Hill Wednesday between meetings with members of Congress to discuss the latest on the war in Iraq. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

Democrats brushed off a White House veto threat and pleas for patience from the top U.S. commander in Iraq Wednesday and pushed toward a vote demanding that troops begin coming home this fall.

Their insistence guaranteed a historic showdown with President Bush, the first on the war since Democrats took control of Congress in January.

"Our troops are mired in a civil war with no clear enemy and no clear strategy for success," said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

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Lawmakers vote to subpoena Condi Rice

U.S. Democratic lawmakers voted on Wednesday to subpoena Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to testify about administration justifications for the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

On a party-line vote of 21-10, the House of Representatives’ Oversight and Government Reform Committee directed Rice to appear before the panel next month.

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Cheney attacks Reid

Vice President Dick Cheney accused Democratic leader Harry Reid on Tuesday of personally pursuing a defeatist strategy in Iraq to win votes at home — a charge Reid dismissed as President Bush’s “attack dog” lashing out.

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Pawns of propaganda

Jessica Lynch walks with a limp from the extensive wounds she received in the early days of the invasion of Iraq. Pat Tillman lies in a grave – gunned down by his own comrades in Afghanistan.

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McCain will try to jump-start campaign

042507mccain.jpgRepublican John McCain — senator, ex-Navy pilot and former Vietnam captive — is casting himself as the most qualified person to lead the country in wartime as he officially opens his second presidential bid and tries to succeed where he once failed.

“We face formidable challenges, but I’m not afraid of them. I’m prepared for them,” McCain says in prepared remarks.

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Iraq and Vietnam

As the confrontation over Iraq escalates between President Bush and Congress, the current wave of violence in Baghdad includes one distinctive event: A terrorist bomb in a cafeteria within the national parliament building killed a member of the legislature, and wounded many others.

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