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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mourning in America

A Virginia State Trooper walked out of Norris Hall at Virginia Tech Monday and doubled over, puking out his breakfast. A brisk wind, gusting at times to 50 miles per hour, blew parts of the retch back onto his otherwise spotless blue and grey uniform.

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An American tragedy

The universities throughout America should have classes in the use of arms for self defense. When the students have passed their training they should be allowed to carry arms for their own safety.

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Gun control debate could heat up campaign

Gun control has been treated with a mix of silence and discomfort in the presidential campaign, a stance that may become insupportable once the nation finds its voice in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech mass murder.

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Congress still cool to gun control

After the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cautioned Tuesday against a “rush to judgment” on stricter gun control. A leading House supporter of restrictions on firearms conceded passage of legislation would be difficult.

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Dems split on Iraq funding

Congressional Democrats say there is no doubt President Bush will soon be confronted with legislation calling for an end to the Iraq war. But the new majority must decide how far to go in trying to tie Bush’s hands and what will happen after the president’s inevitable veto.

The debate is likely to expose fissures among Democrats, who remain divided on whether to cut off money for the unpopular war and risk leaving troops in the lurch.

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Bush’s mixed record of dealing with disasters

Disaster has been both the making and the undoing of President Bush.

Bush’s bearing after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 — tough yet empathetic — felt right to the public. He rode that support to a second term, despite questions about the economy and the war in Iraq.

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Bush consoles victims, families

Representing America’s anguish, President Bush told Virginia Tech students and teachers at a somber convocation Tuesday that the nation was praying for them and “there’s a power in these prayers.”

“It’s impossible to make sense of such violence and suffering,” Bush said at a memorial service on the campus where 33 people, including the suspected gunman, died in shootings the day before.

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