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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Some of our readers have met the enemy and it is them

I got sick to my stomach twice Tuesday. The first wave of nausea hit when I heard Presidential press secretary Tony Snow’s cancer had returned. The second came when I read some of the comments on our web site and others from those who rejoiced in his illness.

Like many Americans, I don’t much care for Tony’s political views. I didn’t like them when he pontificated on Fox News and I sure as hell don’t care for his posturing for the Bush administration.

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Pt. 2 – Unfit for Duty: Bush’s “Pet Goat” Minutes

(Update below) – On Tuesday night Keith Olbermann on MSNBC threw a question to guest Bill Maher that seemed to give this quick witted comedian a few seconds of pause.
The question was, basically, if you could ask Bush one question while he was hooked up to a lie detector, what would it be?
Maher’s first answer was that he’d  ask Bush under truth serum if he really thought he was in over his head.
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