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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Alberto Gonzales – the American Fox in the Hen house

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales admitted that at least three of his four grandparents entered the US illegally. Just think how much better our nation would have been had our immigration rules had been enforced and they been kept out. Ah, how little mistakes in the past lead to horrible results in the future.

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Fixing the Problems in America

After reading a lot of the Blogs on CapitolHillBlue and other open forums, I believe we need to discuss some solutions for the problems that we must face either in 2008 and every two years thereafter.

America is made up of many political points of view and none of them seem to be working at this time. We all seem to have our solutions to change the system of our government but we must realize we will need the voters to be introduced to these changes as soon as possible.

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