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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Britney Spears and Dick Cheney: mulitple personalities?


Could the flamboyant Britney Spears and the dour Dick Cheney both suffer from multiple personality disorder? The term is most often used colloquially to describe someone who has contradictory parts of their personality. Now that Britney Spears has replaced Anna Nicole as the headline grabber of the week and we wait to see if Vice President Cheney will skate away unscathed from the Plame Affair, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to speculate about the psychology of Spears and Cheney.

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Yes, Bill and Hillary lie


Hillary Clinton’s campaign staffers, as well as the candidate herself, are up in arms because former supporter David Geffen called Ms. Clinton “a liar.”

Geffen, once a major contributor to the Clintons, now supports Brack Obama. The Clintonites claim he was put up by the Obama campaign to smear the carpet bagging Senator from New York.

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Mark Foley blows town


Mark Foley has been crisscrossing the country during the last several months, trying to get his post-congressional life in order.

Last week, the former congressman briefly resurfaced in Washington to pack up his Capitol Hill townhouse, which, according to a source, he had sold on Monday.

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Losing the grammar war


“If I was president, this wouldn’t have happened,” John Kerry said during Hezbollah’s war on Israel last summer. As 2004’s Democratic presidential nominee should know, he should have said, “If I WERE president …”

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America’s MIA President


A day at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is an eye-opener — about our soldiers, our government generally and the Bush administration.

I visited the renowned hospital complex after The Washington Post ran a series of articles exposing serious problems at the center, where as many as one-fourth of our injured soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan are treated. The halls are swarming with the wounded and their families. Residential facilities for recuperating soldiers and their spouses have a long waiting list.

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Lieberman threatens party switch over Iraq debate

Sen. Lieberman


Senate Democrats appear ready to try and revoke the broad authority Congress gave President George W. Bush to launch his increasingly unpopular invasion of Iraq in 2003 but the escalating debate in Congress could change the balance of power in that legislative body.

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So much for good behavior


Maybe because it’s so early, the presidential race has been lackluster to date. There are still too many candidates and they are overeager — eight Democratic hopefuls showed up for a weekday forum in Carson City, Nev. And the spectacle — like three Republicans with eight wives among them competing for the family-values vote — is mainly of interest only to junkies.

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