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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Car bombs kill 11 as Iraq violence escalates

Car bombs killed at least 11 people in Baghdad on Tuesday as militants show increasing defiance to a major security operation in the capital.

A car rigged with explosives tore through a street in the Sadiyah district in southwestern Baghdad. At least six people were killed and 14 injured, police said.

The neighborhood is mixed between the majority Shiites and Sunnis, whose militant factions are blamed for many of the recent bombings and attacks.

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Quoth the Congress: Sort of, kind of, maybe, perhaps nevermore


The House and Senate votes on an Iraq war resolution over the weekend, following days of circular arguing, brought to mind Robert Southey’s poem in which a youngster was asked what good came of the Battle of Blenheim:

“Quoth Little Peterkin,

‘Why that I can not tell,’ said he,

‘But ’twas a famous victory.'”

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When convenience trumps honor


Well, here comes another cheating scandal from one of those federal military academies where honor codes periodically belch out post-pubescent youngsters who are unrealistically expected to operate on a higher plain than those who attend the average college or university. Is anyone really surprised?

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Libby’s last chance


A former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney will have a last chance to convince a jury he is not guilty of perjury on Tuesday as a trial that has exposed the inner workings of the White House draws to a close.

In four weeks of testimony, jurors have heard about the Bush administration’s efforts to rebut an Iraq war critic shortly after the war began in 2003.

But they never heard direct testimony from defendant Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Cheney’s former chief of staff, or his former boss.

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