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Monday, July 22, 2024

Bloodiest day of the war in Baghdad bloodbath

A series of car bombs killed 160 people in a Shi’ite stronghold in Baghdad on Thursday in the bloodiest single attack since the U.S. invasion of 2003.

As political leaders scrambled in public to hold Iraqis back from all-out sectarian civil war, they imposed an indefinite curfew on the capital. Police said the six coordinated blasts in the Sadr City slum wounded 257 people, many maimed for life.

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The too slow road home for New Orleans residents

Roy Montague stood outside the government-supplied trailer in front of his New Orleans house and pointed across the street to a line of rotting homes virtually untouched since Hurricane Katrina 15 months ago.

The 60-year-old transit supervisor listed names of the mostly elderly homeowners on his Gentilly-district street and said nearly every one is waiting for thousands of dollars from a much-publicized state relief program to start repairs.

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Another ethics-challenged Dem wants leadership job

A U.S. lawmaker ousted as a federal judge in 1989 on corruption charges tried on Wednesday to convince Democratic colleagues he deserves to head a congressional committee designed to help protect America’s security.

Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida, elected without opposition to an eighth term on November 7, maintains he did nothing wrong and asked fellow Democrats in the House of Representatives to review what he denounced as the unfounded case against him.

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Black lawmakers gain power in new Congress

Black lawmakers are likely to lead key committees in the new, Democrat-led House, and that means issues such as Hurricane Katrina relief, hate crimes and voting problems are likely to get much more attention.

“Within the Congress, their influence went from about a one to a nine,” said David Bositis, who analyzes black politics for the Joint Center for Economic Studies in Washington. “This is by far the peak — ever — for the Congressional Black Caucus.” Members of the group may head as many as five prominent House committees and 17 subcommittees.

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Where is Dick Cheney? Not in Baghdad

Iraqi state television reported Thursday that Vice President Dick Cheney was in Baghdad, but U.S. officials said Cheney was not in the capital.

State-run Iraqiya TV and the private Al-Arabiya TV station reported that Cheney had arrived in the Iraqi capital on Thursday morning, apparently to visit American troops for the Thanksgiving holiday.

But Lt. Col. Christopher Garver said that the vice president was not in Iraq “as far as we know.”

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Dems plan focus on homeland security issues

Better communication systems, improved rail security and more rigorous oversight are high on the list of homeland security issues Democrats plan to examine when they assume control of Congress in January.

“You’ll see a committee that is not afraid to take on tough issues,” Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., the incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told The Associated Press in an interview.

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The ‘H’ word

Let’s talk about the most interesting “H” word in national politics — Hillary.

Is she running for president?

Most signs indicate she is, even though The New York Times is aghast that she has a little less than $14 million on hand with which to launch her campaign, in contrast to the $36 million she spent to win reelection this month. (She won against a virtually unknown candidate with 67 percent of the vote.)

As she coyly says, she is weighing her options and concentrating on being a good senator. These are reasons why political observers are convinced she will run.

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Hate should never be wasted on politicians


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Recently, the writer of a letter to the editor lumped me together with what he called “Bush haters” at the newspaper, hurting my feelings, such as they are.

Just to set the record straight, I am not a Bush hater. And in a week when so many turkeys are being basted, I thought I would prove that proposition by serving you, the hungry readers, a delectable pro-Bush dish with all the trimmings (in my recipe, mashed facts with irony and sarcasm stuffing).

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A good reporter covers Iraq under the gun

She is a young reporter and every morning she awakens with the resolve to provide necessary information about and to her fellow countrymen in an increasingly troubled land. But to accomplish this she must first go through a ritual few of us could sustain for long.

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