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Friday, August 12, 2022

The new Congress: A pretty diverse group

The exact makeup of the freshman class of the new Congress won’t be set for some days or weeks, depending on how complex a handful of recounts turn out to be.

But already it’s clear that the 110th Congress will keep the same number of doctors and have more musicians and fewer sports figures than the current array of lawmakers.

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Protestor disrupts Supreme Court hearing on abortion

A screaming man charged through the main doors of the Supreme Court’s chambers during a hearing in a contentious abortion case Wednesday.

“Abortion is a sin,” shouted the man, later identified by court officials as Rives Miller Grogan. Four court employees dragged him out of the courtroom.

Grogan’s last known residence is in Los Angeles. He was taken to the U.S. Capitol Booking Center before being transported to D.C. Superior Court.

He was charged with creating a noise disturbance, resisting arrest and other related offenses, a Supreme Court spokesman said.

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Burns refuses to concede Montana race

Democrat Jon Tester declared victory over Republican Sen. Conrad Burns in Montana on Wednesday in a close contest, but the incumbent declined to concede in a race crucial to control of the U.S. Senate.

“We won this thing,” Tester, 50, the state senate president and organic farmer, told a Great Falls news conference.

In the latest unofficial results from the Montana secretary of state’s office, Tester won 181,917 votes or 49.2 percent, compared to 178,567 or 48.3 percent for Burns, who was first elected in 1988.

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Webb declared winner, giving Senate to Democrats

Democrats wrested control of the Senate from Republicans Wednesday with an upset victory in Virginia, giving the party complete domination of Capitol Hill for the first time since 1994.

Jim Webb’s squeaker win over incumbent Sen. George Allen gave Democrats their 51st seat in the Senate, an astonishing turnabout at the hands of voters unhappy with Republican scandal and unabated violence in Iraq. Allen was the sixth Republican incumbent senator defeated in Tuesday’s elections.

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