In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Thursday, July 18, 2024

A national referendum on America’s soul

Now it’s your turn.

We in the media, be it traditional or non non-traditional; new or old; print, broadcast or web, have done our job. We’ve reported on the issues, highlighted the problems that confront the country and spotlighted the crooks, liars and malcontents who either hold or seek power.

We’ve done all we can do. Now it’s up to you.

We’ve suggested – as much as rational analysis should allow – the factors that could, and perhaps should, determine how you might vote. But, in the end, the decision is yours and yours alone.

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The shouting is over: Time for the voters to decide

Republican control of Congress was on the line Tuesday in an election colored by voters’ dismay over the Iraq war and misbehavior in Washington.

At stake in the midterm election were all 435 House seats, 33 in the Senate, 36 races for governor, ballot measures on gay marriage, embryonic stem cell research, the minimum wage and more — plus the overarching fate of President Bush’s agenda in the last two years of his presidency.

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In the end, Bush did GOP more harm than good

The closer the election came to the finish line, the more President Bush’s aides battled the perception he was doing his party as much harm as good and was unwanted in many districts.

On Monday, Bush jetted to a conservative corner of Florida’s Panhandle, about as far as he could get from the state’s three in-play House districts. To the White House’s embarrassment and irritation, Republican Charlie Crist, whom Bush came to help in his bid to succeed the president’s brother as governor, decided at the last minute to skip the chance to be by the president’s side.

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Eastern states may determine election’s course

Early returns in Tuesday’s midterm elections should offer hints of what’s to come, the first whiff of whether Democrats can seize the House and possibly the Senate.

Most of the heavily contested, down-to-the-wire races are east of the Mississippi River, in states with relatively early poll closing times. If a Democratic rout is going to happen, it will be clear from the first votes.

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Now the decision rests with the voters

Democrats took aim on Monday at ending Republican control of the U.S. Congress, as a bitter election fight fueled by discontent with President George W. Bush and the Iraq war ticked down to the last frantic hours.

Both parties fired up get-out-the-vote operations designed to bring core supporters to the polls on Tuesday, and sent out their biggest stars to appeal to swing voters who could tip the balance in close races around the country.

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A final, fitting end to the Newt Gingrich era?

A half-dozen Republican congressmen ushered into office in the 1994 GOP tidal wave that tossed Democrats from power may be swept out on Tuesday, casualties of a Democratic surge fueled by voter anger over the Iraq war.

On the eve of the midterm elections, Republicans are hoping their acclaimed get-out-the-vote operation will ensure majority control. But some say privately they have a slim chance of retaining the House after a grueling campaign centered on turmoil in Iraq, President Bush’s sagging approval numbers, political scandals and corruption investigations.

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Negative right up until the bitter end

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

Minnesota Democrat Coleen Rowley doesn’t know the difference between a Nazi and a U.S. Marine. Her Republican opponent, incumbent John Kline, has been corrupted by special interests.

That, at least, is what they say about each other.

In the final days of the midterm congressional elections, candidates across the nation are getting down to what they think voters really ought to know.

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