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Monday, July 15, 2024

So many conspiracies, so few admissions of real guilt

For Republicans, the blame for the ever-developing Mark Foley Congressional page scandal is always lies with someone else and is part of some vague, giant conspiracy designed to rid the world forever from the perils of GOP control.

In other words, it’s never their fault. Following the lead of President George W. Bush, who never takes responsibility his many failures ranging from Iraq to the erosion of Constitutional freedoms, House Speaker Dennis J. Hastert and his Republican cronies, point the finger of blame at "Democratic political operatives" whom they say are funded by millionaire George Soros.

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Hey George Soros! Where the hell’s my money?

Gotta put in a call to George Soros and find out when the hell he intends to send my money.

According to House Speaker Dennis J. Hastert, Soros, a millionaire speculator who funds a lot of Democratic causes, owes a ton of money to me and anyone else who dared suggest he and the Republican leadership of Congress fell asleep at the wheel in the rapidly-developing Mark Foley Congressional page scandal.

"The people who want to see this thing blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros," Hastert said Friday in another lame attempt to weasel his way out of the sex scandal that may bring down his leadership and his party in Congress.

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Hastert can’t last


In the national capital, denials of a rumored resignation are always strongest just before the actual resignation and, if that remains the case, Dennis Hastert’s tenure as House speaker may be nearing an end.

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Ethics panel opens investigation into Foleygate


Opening a new investigative front in the Mark Foley sex scandal, the House ethics panel Thursday authorized a barrage of nearly 48 subpoenas for witnesses and documents, while, back home in Illinois, the besieged House speaker vowed to keep his post.

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Another Republican racist dirty campaign trick


Democrats say that Tennessee Republicans injected racism into a fund-raising appeal by using "code words" and a photograph of Democratic Senate nominee Harold Ford Jr. "obviously altered" to make his complexion darker.

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