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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Wisconsin could be key in gay marriage debate


When it comes to statewide votes on gay marriage, the score so far is 20-0 in favor of keeping it a one-man, one-woman institution.

If there’s a chance to break the streak on Nov. 7, it might be in Wisconsin, where activists believe that support from unions, college students and church leaders — coupled with hoped-for conservative apathy — could enable them to finally overcome the string of losses.

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Honing the fine art of doing nothing

As Congress began its final week before the midterm elections, a veteran Senate chairman was asked the question ricocheting all over town:

Will Congress finish its work before lawmakers leave?

"No, just leave," Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said with a grin.

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Republicans allowed sexual predator to remain in Congress

Republicans this weekend are scrambling to spin their way out of their failure to act when they learned a year ago that GOP Rep. Mark Foley of Florida was chasing young male Congressional pages through email.

The monumental failure in leadership and an obvious attempt to put holding on to a Republican seat by letting a pedophile skate has exposed the GOP’s hypocrisy of preaching ethics and family values while looking the other way when one of their own gets caught.

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Woodward documents Bush’s many lies about Iraq war

Bob Woodward’s new book, State of Denial, not only shows an out-of-control White House unable to accept reality, it details the lies George W. Bush told the American people about Iraq war progess that wasn’t and an optimistic prognosis that existed only in the President’s mind.

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