In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Friday, February 23, 2024

Abandon hope all ye who vote here

How many more must die because of the deceit and arrogance of the American government and its despotic leader George W. Bush?

How much deeper must America sink into the cesspool of corruption?

How much is enough?

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Disciplining other people’s children


I’ve been taking note of how I interact with other people’s kids for a few months now. Ever since Jeffrey Zaslow wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal, "Why Don’t We Reprimand Other People’s Children?"

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Once sleazy, always sleazy


After the corporate scandals that began the century, with high-powered executives being led off to prison, you would think that boardrooms having been once burned would be twice shy.

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Bush flexes his political muscle


President Bush, politicking at full campaign speed, contended Thursday that a vote for Democrats this fall would be a vote to siphon money out of American families’ budgets.

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The devil made him do it


Until reading about Hugo Chavez’s U.N. speech the other day, the craziest reference to the devil I had ever seen was on the front page of a supermarket tab. "DEVIL ESCAPES HELL," it said in all-caps, super-large type. Under the headline was a picture of smoke pouring out of a great, big hole in the ground. I couldn’t help laughing.

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