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Sunday, July 14, 2024

More troops headed to Iraq for Bush’s ‘Vietnam’

With each passing day, the ill-fated war in Iraq looks more and more like the quagmire of Vietnam. Now, a dimming outlook for significant U.S. troop cuts in Iraq means the Pentagon may soon face a difficult and politically sensitive decision: either make more frequent call-ups of some National Guard and Reserve troops or expand still further the size of the active-duty Army, defense officials say.

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Terror bills inch forward as House, Senate seek deals


Faltering under Republican infighting, President Bush’s embattled anti-terrorism agenda has some new momentum from a House member who has rewritten her warrantless wiretapping bill more to his liking and from maverick GOP senators open to talks on how to handle detainees.

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Bush meets with Palestinian leader Abbas


President Bush, who says peace in the Middle East is one of the prime objectives of his presidency, is sitting down with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for some of the hard work it will take to turn those words into action.

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Agricultural terrorism


There was no sudden explosion, no siren, no news bulletin, no screams for help.

Just people, one by one, quietly calling the doctor or going to the hospital, suffering intestinal distress. So it took a while before officials realized this was something bigger: All who were sick had recently eaten fresh leafy greens. This was food poisoning. But it would be one full year before public health officials would finally understand that it was a bio-terror attack.

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The absurdity of fear


I’m flying for the first time since the arrest last month in London of a dozen people accused of planning to blow up several airliners, with bombs assembled onboard out of various ordinary liquids. The more I read about this plot the more amateurish and improbable it sounds, but that hasn’t discouraged the authorities from implementing a new set of rules and rituals, which will supposedly help keep us safe from terror.

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White House looks for compromise on terrorist bill

McClatchy Newspapers

With time running out before Congress recesses next week, the White House appeared Tuesday to be offering dissident Republican senators a compromise on detainee legislation that would leave the language of the Geneva Conventions untouched if lawmakers preserve the CIA’s terrorist-interrogation program.

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Lamont: Lieberman is a ‘turncoat’


Democrat Ned Lamont calls rival Sen. Joe Lieberman a "turncoat" in his latest ad.

Not so, says the three-term Democratic lawmaker running as an independent, and he has some party support in Connecticut to prove it.

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