In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Thursday, June 8, 2023

Underwear commandos

Bloggers often publish their thoughts, tantrums and inaccuracies from the safety of their homes while still in their pajamas, underwear or less.  It’s a safe, secure world where they pass judgment on those who risk their lives to uncover the truth.  And that’s the problem.

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Popeye, phone home


September is National Food Safety Education Month ("Don’t compromise — Clean and sanitize"), but the food people probably would have been happier to have the issue publicized by something other than an E. coli outbreak linked to tainted spinach.

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Why you should visit the World Trade Center site


Among the many reasons to visit the World Trade Center site now, consider these five:

Memory. You could visit the World Trade Center site and just read the list of names of those who died. Little has been done on the memorial construction, but the site today is very much a memorial itself. Looking through the Viewing Wall construction fence, where the names are listed, you will see 70 feet down to bedrock, where orange cones outline the Tower footprints. Then there are the emotionally moving slurry wall holding back the Hudson River, and the ramp used for the removal of bodies and debris. Take a close look because the site will not remain in this condition for long.

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John Kerry brings in God as a political ally


Democratic Sen. John Kerry on Monday urged people of faith to work cooperatively on problems such as poverty, global warming and reducing the number of abortions — "godly tasks" that transcend the nation’s culture wars.

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Bush faces a skeptical world


President Bush will try to convince skeptical world leaders to embrace his vision for the Middle East in a speech before the United Nations on Tuesday where he is calling on the world to "stand up for peace" in the face of violent extremism.

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