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Sunday, February 5, 2023

New York still a terrorist target

Five years after the attack on the World Trade Center, Islamic extremists — including members of Hezbollah — still view the city as a prime target for another terrorist strike, police say.

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NASA prepares for Atlantis launch

The long wait neared an end for the space shuttle Atlantis and its oft-delayed space station construction mission as NASA began fueling Friday morning, moving toward a planned early afternoon liftoff.

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You want a conspiracy? We’ve got your conspiracy


Listen up, America, and listen good. There is a conspiracy going on to boost the Bush administration and undermine large numbers of Internet bloggers and even some university professors by having you believe these people are making ding-a-ling claims about 9/11.

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Bush’s risky strategy


President Bush is casting the war on global terrorism as the central issue of the midterm elections. But it’s a risky political strategy.

The approach carries reminders of failures in Iraq, prisoner treatment at Guantanamo Bay, warrantless wiretapping at home and Osama bin Laden’s endurance abroad.

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Bush’s blurred vision of war


For the rest of our lives, "9/11" will haunt us, evoking a rush of fear, anger and grief. But now the issue is what the impact will be on unborn Americans.

President Bush’s determination to tie the war in Iraq more firmly to the war on terror is a calculation born of frustration and stubbornness. In the run up to the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, warning us against getting "stuck on stupid," Bush quoted terrorist Osama bin Laden, who still eludes capture, as saying that the third world war is raging in Iraq.

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