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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Dems find religion


Thirteen years ago, David Wilhelm, then chairman of the Democratic Party, told the conservative Christian Coalition that good Christians could belong to either major political party.

He was hissed.

Today, Wilhelm wants to spread that message to a different audience — Democrats. He’s hoping for a better response.

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Women need Katie Couric to succeed


For decades, Americans have turned daily to the stoic comfort of their network anchors to watch history unfold. And even as viewers stray to the cable news channels’ non-stop coverage of the sensational, for 30 minutes each day — and longer in times of crisis — network anchors still draw millions who seek the days’ headlines from a familiar face.

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A campaign disaster named Katherine Harris

Disaster may not be too strong a word for Rep. Katherine Harris’ Senate campaign.

Her makeup and formfitting clothes are mocked on national TV. Her flirty interview style embarrasses her campaign handlers. Staffers keep quitting in despair.

She’s been linked to a shady defense contractor, caught in fibs and scolded for telling voters that non-Christian politicians "legislate sin."

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Bush makes more promises he can’t keep


President Bush marked Labor Day on Monday by promising to help keep U.S. workers competitive in global markets and reduce U.S reliance on foreign oil so it doesn’t choke U.S. economic expansion.

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A recurring chance to start over


Classes began last week at the college where I work, reminding me once again why I have such a great job. What makes being a college professor so great? It’s not really the pay; the pay is reasonable, but not spectacular. It’s not the hours; in general college professors work considerably harder than most people think. It’s not the prestige, either; I teach at an excellent school, but it’s not exactly Harvard.

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Off with Rumfeld’s head

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the poster child for President George W. Bush’s failed Iraq war, is coming under increased fire to resign or be sacked.

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