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Thursday, February 2, 2023

You deserve a break today


This Labor Day is an apt occasion to reflect that Americans may be many things, but lazy isn’t one of them.

More than 151 million of us 16 and older are in the work force, 112 million of us in occupations that provide a service, according to the Census Bureau. Our median household income is $44,389 and the median weekly wage, $568.

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Dems hold clear edge, at least for now

Democrats enter the fall campaign with a clear edge in the high-stakes fight for control of the U.S. Congress, riding a wave of momentum that has them positioned to retake the U.S. House of Representatives and make significant gains in the Senate.

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Angry voters want change

In the valley where Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky meet, people complain about the state of the nation, voicing as many frustrations as there are turns in the Ohio River.

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Politics: A family affair

A six-pack — think beer, not abs — hangs around the waist of a Senate leader’s college-age son in one photo. In another, the too-young daughter of a House candidate drinks alcohol. A Senate hopeful’s daughter shares an embrace and kiss with a woman in a third photo.

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