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Monday, July 22, 2024

Bush’s hurricane


His administration’s belated and inept response to Hurricane Katrina, including a seemingly callous Air Force One flyover of human misery, was a low point of the Bush presidency, and he has been struggling to regain his standing ever since.

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Bush is more complex than people think


Back in 1999 during an editorial writers’ conference, I was chatting with a Texas journalist who had gone to the same church as George W. Bush, then running for president for the first time, and pushed her for any insights she might have into the man. Was he as intellectually klutzy as people were making him out to be? Did he have a brain?

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Risk, race & reality


Suppose 30 students are eating lunch in a school cafeteria. Twenty of them are white, and 10 are black. The 10 black students are sitting at one table, while the 20 white students are at two other tables. The question that will "naturally" strike most observers of this scene is, why are all the black kids sitting together?

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Dems play the gas pump card

McClatchy Newspapers

Filling up your gas tank? Don’t be surprised if a Democrat is waiting at the station.

With $3-a-gallon gas near the top of the list of voters’ frustrations with the status quo, some challengers seeking to unseat the Republican majority in Congress this November have found a gimmick that they think will resonate with voters — and they’re pumping it for all it’s worth.

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A match not always made in heaven


Time magazine’s recent cover story "Who Needs Harvard?" provides solid advice for American families and students seeking to find the right college. It is especially meaningful at a time when admissions to America’s most highly rated colleges and universities is increasingly difficult and the pathway to admissions success at these institutions seems more opaque than ever.

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Another Dem dumps Lieberman

Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye said Tuesday he is supporting Ned Lamont over Sen. Joe Lieberman because of the Connecticut lawmaker’s contention that the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for mainstream America.

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