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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Compromise needed for stem-cell research


Eventually there has to be some place for accommodation between religion and science that would permit promising stem cell research to go forward at a level and pace that has a chance of producing results so potentially beneficial to all of us. That has to be the hope of anyone who has watched a loved one disintegrate slowly and painfully from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s or some other debilitating monster.

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A shameful media creation

It only took two weeks for the media feeding frenzy to turn John Mark Karr into a household name. The unknown, and obviously mentally-ill, Karr played his 15 minutes of fame to the hilt and a search by a media trade publication found more than 10 million articles about the previously unknown Karr.

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Plan B needs a Plan B


Think the fighting’s done over Plan B? You’d better have a Plan B, because it’s far from over. Just because the Food and Drug Administration finally did most of what it should have done years ago — it approved the "morning after" pill for sale without a prescription to women who are at least 18 — doesn’t mean this battle is behind us.

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Bye-bye Al Schlesinger

It’s no secret that the national Republican Party has abandoned GOP Senatorial candidate Alan Schlesinger in Connecticut. The gambling-addicted pretender to the seat is just one of many Republican wannabes that the party would just as soon forget.

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GOP bigotry rises to the surface

One Republican senator described his house painter as a “little Guatemalan man.” Another called an Indian man a “macaca,” a type of monkey. Just as the GOP is pushing for minority voters, the two recent gaffes have fed the perception among some blacks, Hispanics and Asian-Americans that Republicans are out of touch with the changing face of the nation.

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