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Friday, March 24, 2023

Bush admits his gang mishandled Katrina response

It has taken a year but President George W. Bush finally admitted Saturday that his administration screwed the pooch in its slow response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, a response that no doubt cost lives along with billions of dollars.

Still, the President claims racism was not responsible for the poor government handling of the crisis, a claim that many dismiss and one easily disputed by the bigoted record of the Republican Party,.

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Rummy defends extended tours

In a lively but polite give-and-take, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld fielded questions Saturday from wives and other family members of Alaska-based soldiers whose combat tours in Iraq were abruptly extended just as they prepared to return home this month.

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Lamont gets star treatment

Ned Lamont headlined a recent fundraiser for the liberal Democracy for America. Days later, the Democratic Senate candidate was rubbing elbows with celebrities at a charity event sponsored by the liberal, and he’s been a guest on Air America, the liberal talk radio network.

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Those damn dams

Jim Bensman thought his suggestion during a public hearing was harmless enough: Instead of building a channel so migratory fish could go around a dam on the Mississippi River, just get rid of the dam.

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