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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The real cost of airport security

The Providence Journal

SRINAGAR, India — The soldier and airport-security guy are pointing, pointing. What do they want? Not my camera. Not my car clicker.

It’s my pen. A Paper Mate soft grip — see-through plastic, flattened cap. Also, I have no clue why, my wallet. They ignore the I.D. and get to work on trying to strip out the little pockets that hold cards.

"Hey," I say. This brings instant reinforcements. Sullen faces. Khaki turbans. Guns under armpits, nightsticks stuck to hips.

My plane is loading but I’m taken out of line. I have a wallet thought: These guys need a bribe?

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When all else fails, try bipartisanship


Republican Sen. Mike DeWine highlights bipartisanship in his latest campaign ad and challenges a Democrat who has voted no — rival Rep. Sherrod Brown.

"Working together is the only way to solve our problems," the Ohio senator says in his latest ad. The spot began airing Friday in seven of the state’s 11 largest media markets at a cost of about $600,000.

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Another McCain flip-flop on Iraq war

AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato

AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato

Republican Sen. John McCain flip-flopped on the Iraq war again Friday, saying he now supports the U.S. mission in Iraq days. This latest chance in stance came just days after faulting the Bush administration for misleading Americans into believing it would be “some kind of day at the beach.”

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Bully role won’t work with Iran

The Bush administration may be on the verge of getting what it has long sought: United Nations sanctions on a defiant Iran over its accelerated nuclear program. That may not be much of a victory.

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Lieberman ponders troop withdrawal plan

Sen. Joe Lieberman, the three-term Democrat whose independent campaign for re-election is being seen as a referendum on the Iraq war, said Friday he would consider taking a look at a fellow lawmaker’s proposal for a timeline for troop withdrawals.

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