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Thursday, April 25, 2024

World trade talks collapse

Global free trade talks, billed as a once in a generation chance to boost growth and ease poverty, collapsed on Monday after nearly five years of haggling and resuming them could take years.

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It ain’t over by a long shot

Although President George W. Bush’s poll numbers continue to inch back upward after record lows, his dismal job approval ratings are not encouraging to Republicans and still give Democrats hope for recapturing control of Congress in the November midterm elections. But four months is an eternity in politics.

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Bailing on Bush

President George W. Bush’s carefully-crafted facade of Republican unity is coming apart at the seams as more and more of his former party faithful bail because of his disaster in Iraq.

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The illusion of freedom

A longtime friend, a career soldier, returned home from Iraq recently and said that, sadly, he is thinking of retiring. After a record of service that extends from Vietnam to Panama to Desert Storm and, finally, to the invasion of Iraq, he says the will to serve his country is gone. “This country used to stand for things that meant something,” he said. “Not now. Honor, justice, loyalty, pride: None of these words have any meaning now.”

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Warning! This woman just might have your number

Scripps Howard Foundation Wire

It is the nine-digit key to your life — and B.J. Ostergren has more than 18,000 of them.

For the past four years, the 57-year-old former insurance adjuster has lost sleep to gain boxes crammed with public records, many plucked from county clerks and recorders’ Web sites. They have one golden kernel: Social Security numbers, usually partnered with enough information to open a fraudulent line of credit — or worse.

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