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Monday, May 27, 2024

Bill Clinton comes to Lieberman’s rescue


Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman is enlisting help in his re-election campaign from former President Clinton, the man he criticized in 1998 for "disgraceful behavior" in a sex scandal with a White House intern.

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Dems close fundraising gap


National Democratic Party committees closed a fundraising gap with their Republican counterparts in June, raising more money and improving their cash on hand, according to reports filed Thursday.

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Hillary finds God


So the religious genie whose head and shoulders appeared from confinement in the 2004 presidential election may be completely out of the bottle the next time.

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Beryl comes calling

Storm Beryl quietly made landfall on Nantucket early Friday, bringing a
steady, driving rain to coastal Massachusetts. Hours later, it moved
out to sea, leaving little but a soaking in its path.

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Guard sent to St. Louis

Guard members fanned out through darkened city streets in St. Louis, clearing debris
and looking for residents who needed help evacuating their sweltering
homes after storms knocked out power during a deadly heat wave.

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Israel calls up reserves

The Israeli army said Friday that it has called up more reserve
troops to augment its current forces in northern Israel, widening
speculation that a major ground offensive against Lebanon has moved
beyond the planning stage.

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