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Thursday, July 18, 2024

A foolish focus on biofuels

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the promise of biofuels — liquid fuels, such as ethanol and bio-diesel, made from plants — to reduce our dependence on oil. Even President Bush beat the biofuel drum in his last State of the Union speech.

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A showdown looms

Once again, George W. Bush appears to have thumbed his nose at legislation he doesn’t like without having to resort to a veto. His extensive use of memorandums to thwart provisions of bills he regards as unconstitutional, a threat to national security or impair foreign relations has a mixed bag of congressional leaders up in arms, particularly in the Senate, where his action is seen as an extension of White House efforts to increase the power of the presidency at the expense of Congress.

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Bush attacks Clinton over Korea

The White House belittled former President Clinton’s policy of direct engagement with North Korea on Monday, saying efforts to shower North Korean leader Kim Jong Il “with flowers and chocolates” failed.

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