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Friday, March 24, 2023

Norquist cries wolf

Grover Norquist, the fast-buck right-wing activist who never met a scheme he couldn’t cash in on, says John McCain is out to get him. If true, that’s reason enough to vote for McCain.

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The final cut

Social scientists talk endlessly about the pros and cons of using castration on sex offenders but James Jenkins claims he is proof that taking the knife to his balls works.

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Heart attack sends Ken Lay to final justice

Ken Lay, the George Bush friend headed for prison for his part in the collapse of energy giant Enron and the fraud that cost many investors everything they had, evaded jail the hard way, dying of a heart attack Wednesday morning.

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A decorated Marine from Akron, Ohio, is returning one of the medals he earned for service in Iraq because, he says, it is “eye candy” and political.

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Did U.S. cut deal to let bin Laden stay free?

Abu Musab al-Zargawi’s widow says her late husband’s al-Qaida organization sold him out to the United States in exchange for an American promise to ease off on its worldwide hunt for Osama bin Laden.

On the surface, this sounds like normal terrorist propaganda in a misinformation war that the other side wages successfully.

Or is it?

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Stopping Bush’s abuse of power

It was inevitable that Bush’s unconventional approach to fighting an unconventional war against unconventional forces would run up against the rule of law and the constitutional safeguards that govern even the treatment of those accused of being the nation’s enemies.

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Defining drugs

My office at the University of Colorado is a three-minute walk from the Coors Events Center, built by the makers of Coors beer. That this seems completely unremarkable illustrates the remarkable rehabilitation alcohol has undergone since the collapse of legal attempts to ban it. And that rehabilitation exemplifies the astonishingly arbitrary way in which we deal with mind-altering substances.

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