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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Saving America

George W. Bush is an international war criminal who should be arrested, shackled and led to the World Court to stand trial for his many crimes against humanity.

So should be any member of Congress who continues to support the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and whose actions contributed to the unnecessary deaths of 2,500 American military men and women along with the thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilians.

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Go to hell Tony Snow!

Just when you think the assholes who control our government can’t possibly get any more callous about the escalating loss of human lives as a result of their failed policies, along comes Presidential mouthpiece Tony Snow to tell us that 2500 American military deaths in Iraq is just "a number."

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Joe Wilson’s 15 minutes may be over

Joseph Wilson — or Mr. Valerie Plame if you prefer — must have been sorely disappointed to learn that Karl Rove is not going to be “frog walked” out of the White House in handcuffs as he had so fervently hoped. After all he and the little lady had been dining out on that prospect for almost three years.

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Overdue reality checks

When President Bush was asked at his recent press conference why electricity still is erratic in Iraq, he agreed it’s a major priority, exclaiming, “I mean, it’s hot over there!”

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