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Monday, February 6, 2023

Getting screwed in, and by, Washington

Washington’s latest money, power and sex scandal makes us miss the old days when Presidents only screwed interns and Congressmen only took bribes. Porter Goss’s decision to quit the Central Intelligence Agency cold turkey has a lot of Washington watchers wondering just how deeply involved the former Florida Congressman may be in the growing “hookergate” scandal. We already know the deputy he brought on board at Langley was a regular at the poker and hooker parties and Republican strategist Ed Rollins says as many as 15 current members of Congress could wind up indicted in Washington’s latest sex, money and power scandal. “If this House scandal is as big as I think it is from talking to people that are around it — of course it started with Cunningham and it’s moving beyond that,” Rollins said on the Charlie Rose show. “There was a real little cabal on the Defense Appropriations Committee in which a couple of people who basically made an awful lot of money off of defense contractors and basically rewarded a bunch of members, Republicans.”

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Dems pledge investigation before impeachment

Democrats, looking for a campaign stategy that will stick with voters, say they will investigate the many questionable activities of President George W. Bush if they gain control of Congress but are not out to impeach him just for the hell of it.

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