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Friday, April 12, 2024

The anti-smoking Taliban

This week a place called a “tobacco bar,” Marshall McGearty Tobacco Artisans, was all over Chicago and national news. Like other major cities, Chicago has recently gone “smoke-free” in most public places of any kind. Ah, but there is a place that’s exempt _ the tobacco bar is set up as a tobacco manufacturer (the place is owned by R.J. Reynolds, the tobacco giant) and it’s free from the anti-smoking law. Customers actually choose from loose tobacco blends, and an expensive pack of cigarettes is then made to the customer’s order.

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A weak Congress needs tough reform

In Washington, we are undertaking a historic debate on lobbying reform. For the first time in over a decade, lawmakers of both parties have advanced serious proposals to reform a system that has careened out of control. With Congress and the White House under a cloud of scandal, now is the time to pass meaningful lobbying reform to fix a system that is broken, and restore the American people’s faith in government.

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The perfect candidate to save the GOP’s butt

Facing near open revolt in his congressional majority, President Bush says he is not averse to bringing in a longtime Washington operative to try to calm restive Republicans who fear losing one or both houses in the November elections.

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Wind generators blow up a storm of protest

The idea of windmills brings to mind bucolic Renaissance paintings of Dutch landscapes and tulip beds. But that’s hardly the experience of some who have to live next to the 400-foot electricity-generating giants being built across America’s breezy plains.

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Article removed from our database

Note to readers: We have removed this article from our database because it quoted a psychiatrist under a name she asked us to use but which was not the name she practices under and we failed to inform readers of that fact at the time. That is violation of our policy on the use of source material.

We also learned that at least one passage was lifted by a researcher from another news source without attribution. Our apologies to our readers for allowing this to happen.

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