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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Cunningham begs for mercy

Former California Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham, who showed no compassion for the voters who trusted him in office when he took bribes to enrich his lifestyle, is now pleading for mercy before the judge who is set to sentence him today.

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Dems see Ohio as key to retaking control of Congress

On Capitol Hill, Rep. Deborah Pryce is chairwoman of the Republican Conference, making her No. 4 in the House leadership structure and the highest-ranking woman in her party.

But this year, back in her central Ohio district, those accomplishments could hurt as much as they help.

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Election year jitters mean trouble for Bush’s budget

President Bush’s Republican allies on Capitol Hill are nearing votes on his austere budget blueprint for next year, and it’s clear it will look a lot different by the time they’re finished.

Nervous lawmakers are flinching from proposed spending cuts, and as GOP loyalists draft plans to implement the budget, election-year politics are driving their decisions.

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