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Monday, February 6, 2023

Bush’s approval rating lands in the crapper

President Bush’s marks on overall job approval and for handling the economy are mired near their lowest levels despite a spike in consumer confidence over the past month, an AP-Ipsos poll found.

Bush’s job approval is now at 40 percent and his approval on handling the economy at 39 percent. Those numbers haven’t budged over the last month even with the public’s confidence in the economy growing and the president delivering an upbeat State of the Union address.

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Scandal-scarred Republicans question Bush’s actions

President Bush came under fire from angry Republicans Friday for his failed policies on Irag, health care, immigration and other hot-button issues in a closed meeting meant to rally party shell-shocked members for this year’s congressional elections.

Some went so far as to call Bush an "embarrassment" to the party and the nation and grumbled that the party would stand a better chance in the November mid-term elections if he were not President, although none went so far as to suggest he be impeached…at least not yet.

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