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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Dueling reform packages only cosmetic

Congressional Republicans and Democrats have offered dueling
ethics-reform proposals — in the Republicans’ case, to try to stem the
Abramoff lobbying scandal; and in the Democrats’ case, to exploit it.

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Congress pretends to reform itself

It looks as though Congress is going to clean up its act when it comes
to outside influence. But don’t expect squeaky-clean. There are
loopholes allowing lawmakers to escape into the seemingly
uncontrollable world of campaign finance, where most political evil
originates, that may diminish the efforts.

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Pissed-off Republicans worry GOP strategists

A growing number of Republican voters are frustrated by
congressional spending and scandal, according to GOP leaders from
across the country who worry that an “enthusiasm deficit” could cost
the party control of Congress in November.

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